Pets can be beautiful and loving companions for many people. People who live alone often keep them at home, with couples often having them as a surrogate for children and families also keeping animals as part of a larger unit.

But what happens to the20151218153624-puppies-cute-litter-terrier-bed-adoption-sleeping-friendships-cuddly-canine-pet-happy (1)m when they get lost, or are no longer wanted? The simple answer is that many often end up on the streets. Sometimes, they adapt and become feral strays. But some of the gentler breeds of dog and cats simply cannot fend for themselves and often end up starving, ill and not able to survive on their own.

On these pages, you will find varied information of what you can do to help if you see an animal in distress, where to take it for example, how to adopt them from a shelter and even how to help in re-homing animals that need new forever friends.

You will also find information on products and services that you will need if you have your own animals, such as diet, treats, veterinary services, accessories and exercising and play tips.

Keeping a pet is a very rewarding experience, providing you are ready to accept the responsibility that comes with it. In this regard, it is always a good thing to know exactly what you can put in and what you want from your new four-legged friend.

We hope to cover all bases and this series of articles will be aimed at helping you and your pet become a solid and happy unit with many adventures in the future.