Cats Love Flatscreens

Cats are very funny creatures and you can get hours of amusement just by watching them. Sometimes, something as simple as a bottle top or a coin can give them endless hours of fun as they push it around on the floor and chase it from one side of the room to the other.

They also love anythinpexels-photo-126407-900x506g with a feather on it and if you get them such a toy, they can often start to ‘cat chatter’ which is a throwback to their ancestors getting excited when trying to pounce on prey.

You can see this behavior mimicked by them when you put something on television which sparks their interest, such as wildlife programs or an aquarium. Some of them figure out quite quickly that the images are not real. It is not uncommon to see a cat being completely captivated for a couple of minutes, then working it out very quickly and looking behind the screen to see where the animals are.

The same holds true for hand held tablets. You can set something up for them to watch, such as pretend fish or birds and they will try to catch them on the screen.

While cats can often tell the difference between supposed wildlife and other objects, the truth is that they are captivated by anything that is bright and moves quickly. If you are sitting at a screen playing video slots on an online casino site, you will probably find that your cat will jump up into your lap and not only watch the slots spin round, but will try and paw at them. You might think of this behavior as quite silly, but it is just the cat using its instincts to try and catch prey, as they used to do in the wild. If you want to keep you at occupied, just search for movies for cats online and then sit back and watch the fun.