Picking The Right Cat Breed

Just like different dog breeds have different needs and particular requisites, the same holds for different cat breeds. Some, for example, need a lot of grooming on a daily basis.

If you want a minimal maintenance type of cat, then you should steer clear of some of the fluffier breeds, like Persians, for example. Grooming must be done very regularly, otherwise they will shed a lot of hair and if CVAH-Cat-Rabiesyou do not make sure that their fur is brushed every day, then it will simply become matted which will mean that it will need to be cut out. Matted hair can be very painful for cats. A cat will try its best to keep on top of its own grooming needs, but when humans breed them for the specific purpose of becoming fluff balls, then the least a responsible pet owner can do is make sure that their coats are in good condition.

Squash-faced breed such as Persians can suffer from breathing and dental problems. If you want a cat that does not shed at all, then the breeders have also got that one covered for you, because you can get a Sphinx cat, which is totally bald! These cats, however, can suffer from arthritis and because they have no fur at all, you have to make sure that they are kept warm, especially in winter. Most cats eat about the same amount and cat food is cheap, so it does not really matter which breed you get, in this respect.

Some breeds are more social than others. British Blues, for example or Maine Coons are known to need a lot of affection and a lot of playtime. Cats are a lot more individual than dogs. The way you treat them as kittens often has a very important bearing on how their character turns out once they reach maturity. Most cat owners will tell you that in reality, it is the cat that owns you, and not the other way round: wiser words were never spoken!