Picking The Right Pet For You

There are all sorts of pets that people can choose to make a part of their lives. Most people opt for dogs or cats and to a lesser extend horses, guinea pigs, rabbits or hamsters. Some go for the really outrageous and decide on rats, spiders or reptiles.39aca8916562e9137c0bcfb5d4f3882c

But let us stick to the most common: dogs and cats. Both species offer great comfort and love, in their own ways.

Cats are definitely a lot easier to look after than dogs. Most cats require feeding twice a day, a little bit of playtime exercise and are more than happy to spend a good portion of the day in their own company if you live alone and need to go out to work.

Cats are also quite happy to be left at home for a couple of days if you have an emergency appointment that will take you out of town. As long as you leave them dry food and fresh water, they will normally sleep for most of the time and not even bat an eyelid by the time you get home, having spent the last 48 hours worrying about them. It is not advisable to do this often but it is just to give an idea of how independent these animals actually are. Cats can be very easily litter trained from being very young. Once they use the box once, then they are usually trained for life. In some cases, they can even be trained to use a toilet!

Dogs, on the other hand, need a lot more attention. It is not fair to get a dog if you live alone and work long hours. Dogs are much more social than cats and will fret if left alone for more than a few hours.

So if you are planning to get a dog, then make sure that you, or other family members are around for at least two thirds of the day. Dogs require feeding at least twice a day and will need to be taken out to do their business at least four times a day.