Rescue Animals Can Make Great Pets

A lot of prospective pet owners will turn to purebred animals, but they can sometimes be susceptible to illness and genetic deficiencies if breeders are not responsible in siring cats and dogs.

Even if the gene pool is varied enough, certain breeds suffer from specific health issues. Labrador dogs, for example, tend to suffer from hip arthritis and Bulldogs suffer from respiratory illnesses.

The same holds trucat-1963622_960_720e for cats and Bengals, for example, as they tend to have eye problems, while Siamese cats suffer from kidney stones and heart issues.

And this is why street rescues can be a very good option. Not only is it heart-warming to give an animal from the street a new home, but if they are mongrel mixed breeds, they actually tend to be naturally more healthy and hardy that pure bred animals. This is because the gene pools are completely diversified and allow – literally – for survival of the fittest.

While mongrels – dogs, especially – are not always the prettiest, they still have beautiful and loving characters and they will also save you money on your vet bills. Besides, while it is nice to own an animal, it is even nicer to give homes to those that have had a hard life on the streets. Nowadays, all animal shelters run adoption services where you can meet and greet the dogs and cats before choosing which one to give a forever home. Normally, they are vaccinated and have been de-sexed and all you have to do is pay a small donation fee.

Another option is to adopt a senior dog or cat. More often than not, these animals belonged to older people who have been put into care and as a result, can no longer keep their pets. These animals sometimes take a bit more patience and can be a bit reclusive because they miss their old home and owners, but they can still make beautiful and loyal companions.