Retired Greyhounds Can Make Loving Pets

Some of the most docile and loving dogs around are Greyhounds and Whippets. Many of these dogs begin their lives as racing dogs at various tracks around the world, most particularly in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States and Australia.

The gambling industry related to such dogs is for track races. Some dogs are bred to spring over short distances, while others are bred to run the longer races. They reach peak condition when they are very young and they tend to not remain competitive for a very long time. Once they are retired, the dogs o5-italian-greyhounds-angela-rathften end up having no use.

Some trainers will continue to use the dogs for breeding, especially if it has a winning nature, but more often than not, they quickly become surplus to requirements. This is where they can become very loving pets. Greyhounds do have a tendency to nip other dogs, especially in playtime: they have been bred to chase and, as mentioned, can often have a little go at other dogs when in a pack environment and especially if they are chasing something.

This breed can feel the low temperatures, and the general rule is that if it is cold enough for you to wear a coat, then the dog should be wearing one too. They love leisurely walks and more than anything, they love to get cuddles and to snuggle up with their owners on the sofa. They have a truly gentle and sweet loving nature.

Contrary to popular belief, these dogs do not need to run marathons every day. They are happy to go for one or two fairly long walks per day. That being said, they can often be prone to moments of ‘madness’ where they have to run around for a few minutes, but because they are bred to be sprinters. As soon as they get it out of their system, they will go back to rest and to being lazy.